Regent Street Leamington Spa

The chance purchase of an 1840 deed for premises in Regent Street at the beginning of 2016 led to the idea of a local and family history research event based loosely around it. Then the Art Gallery and Museum’s exhibition this spring on Shopping in Leamington and the realisation that from very early on Regent Street was a shopping street has broadened the scope of the event and the research to cover ALL of Regent Street.

Aiming to investigate the buildings themselves together with the stories and history of their various occupants over the years bringing together family and local history into a community history of a street and its shopkeepers,
we started our research at various meetings of family history groups during August 2016 – at the Warwick Record Office at the Leamington Library.

Then at the Leamington History Group’s Local History Day on Saturday 3 September in the parish church our display showed the kind of resources we are using in our research – the traditional sources for family history such as the census plus the maps and plans used for local history.

Finally for 2016 we held a drop in event on 15 September in Leamington Library. In 2017 and recently due to pressure of work and other commitments this website has not yet been updated with all the research so far but this is progressing as time permits which unfortunately has been in scarce supply in recent years .

It is a very long term project and we have hit a few snags along the way so bear with us.

Website structure

Each property has its own page with links to subpages for the individuals or families who lived there. Some researchers prefer to research the property itself others the individual families so each page will contain different information.

I have taken the numbering used in Williams’ Directory of 1846 as a start as the 1852 Board of Health plans of Leamington (which shows house numbers) should hopefully match up. The various renumberings which have taken place over the years are proving a challenge so at the moment there is nothing much after 1861 until we have checked that our information does indeed relate to that property.

Matching up the current properties with the old plans can also be challenging and some research may in time have to be re-evaluated in the light of this.